Thanks to the green roof and lively facades, our concept uses an expensive built-up area twice. You will get a house and a garden in one. Greenery is now an integral part of modern architecture. Damp soil and plants are relatively fireproof and protect the building against extreme weather. Sound attenuation of the facades is up to 6+dB, sound insulation up to 14 db.


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Cantilevered wooden structure


These are NOVATOP massive laminated multilayer panels. Sketch by the architect was transferred to the 3D model of the structure. Subsequently, the individual structural parts were CNC machined with a millimeter precision. The panels thus arrived to the construction site equipped with all functional slots.  The solid-wood "kit" was thus assembled in a few hours.



The above-ground part of the building is insulated with ICYNENE® sprayed foam.  It does not absorb water and is capable of letting water vapors through and thus enables the building to breathe. When applied, the foam expands up to one hundred times the original volume and is capable of filling difficult to access spaces and thus creates a completely compact and airtight layer. The underground LIKO-Noe parts are isolated by a hard sprayed insulation, which in combination with the closing Polyurea coating creates a perfect waterproof seal.

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