Energy concept of Liko-Noe works primarily with the energy of natural resources, whether it is the coolness of the underground or heat from solar radiation.


The aim of this concept is to prove that we can naturally stabilize the building in all seasons and achieve gradual minimization of all the technologies that are used in Liko-NOE

An earth/water heat pump is the main source of energy and uses a ground collector as a primary energy source. The collector operates on surpluses of photo-thermal facade. The solar system with a unique photo-thermal facade oriented to the south provides optimum solar gains in the winter. The composition of the photo-thermal facade eliminates summer surpluses, reduces stagnation stages and in conjunction with a water surface improves solar gain through reflection on the water. Symbiosis of the two often incompatible technologies creates a unique solution where the heat pump technology and the solar system complement each other.

Solar system operates with secondary accumulation. It works with lower temperatures and higher efficiency of conversion of solar radiation into heat in the ground base. Thanks to the regeneration of the ground collector by the sun, the heat pump works with a higher heating factor and lower power consumptions which leads to the unique interaction of these technologies. Due to unique lively LIKO-Noe facade, the photo-thermal facade was installed outside of the LIKO-Noe building. Solar collectors primarily supply energy to the tank for heating, hot water and low temperature surpluses are accumulated in the soil.

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