Thanks to the large windows, Liko-Noe abounds in natural light, while the orientation of the building facade along with lively facade minimizes the risk of overheating.


Due to its orientation towards the sun, water and greenery, your building will not overheat. Our goal is to use installed technologies to mere ten per cent. The adjacent area of the retention pond near the building ensures a pleasant microclimate, reduces temperature and dust in the summer. Enough fresh air will be supplied by a heating and ventilation system with heat recovery, which in addition to providing air circulation takes care of heating and cooling as well. The number of floor outlets in cooperation with ground collector, a basement tank of cool air, and lively façade maintain a pleasant indoor temperature throughout the year. Thanks to this unique system of NATURAL THERMAL STABILIZATION, it is not necessary to use an air-condition system in LIKO-Noe even in the hottest summer.

Diffuse permeable walls also contribute to healthy indoor air, as they let unwanted moisture and CO2 through. In the winter, the thermal comfort is taken care of by above mentioned systems and storage heaters with their pleasant radiant heat. The emphasis on a healthy environment is also reflected in the interior equipage. Wooden walls and oak floors are treated with ecological oil-based paint which does not emit harmful chemical vapours. Acoustic parameters are improved by special panels made from recycled PET bottles. It is thus not only nature but also its inhabitants who benefit from LIKO - NOE.

Let's face it, who would not want to work in a pleasant and highly aesthetic natural environment while contributing to the restoration of biological diversity? Plants in green facades retain CO2 and dust, produce oxygen and moisturize the air.

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Clean air, clean water, clean conscience


The proximity of water and live facade forms a pleasant and healthy microclimate inside the building and in its immediate surroundings. The inner atmosphere of the building with a thermal comfort without air-conditioning reduces health risks and acts as a healthy island. A positive influence on the good state of mind of the LIKO-Noe employees is also a significant aspect. Just a few steps away from the office, and they are out in the fresh air, on a bench by the lake brimful of life.

AIRCONOMY® heating and ventilation system


This heating, ventilation and cooling solution combines a radiant and convective heat and cold transfer and at the same time ensures air exchange with heat recovery. Compared to the standard solutions, air conditioning and central heating system support each other and the result is a perfect use of the advantages of both approaches. Supply air is additionally heated by massive concrete heating floor and, at the same time, warm air flow increases the dynamics of heat/cold transfer.

Energy performance of a building

Measured values place Liko-Noe among ultra-efficient buildings of an A category.

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