New building

And what about a family house? Would you like to live in a family house which will offer you thermal comfort throughout the year? Which will be equipped with modern technology and thus will be environmentally friendly and will provide housing at the highest level at the same time? Living in your dream house in harmony with nature, in a healthy environment, with minimal operating costs? Would you like to live in such a house? If so, contact us and we will be happy to meet you and introduce a brand new way of living to you. With a sensitive approach to nature, the 21st century living. 


Do you own a family house or an inherited farmhouse? Have you bought a dream house you wish to renovate? To renovate it in a way to honour the traditional way of building and to be environmentally friendly at the same time? To pay tribute to the original building from the point of view of architecture, to underline its benefits and complement them with new technologies? Why not? Try to fulfill your vision of a dream home. Lively facades of the renovated house will expand your garden and cleaned water will enable you to irrigate it even in the driest periods.

Do you really dream of a fresh oasis in the surrounding architectural grayness of residential living? Let us know and we will introduce you to how natural materials can be used.


Imagine a peaceful living where you are not bothered by surrounding noises and you are still in the city centre... Imagine a living that is an island of tranquility amid a noisy urban jungle... An oasis that cools an urban hermit returning home after a day's hard work. An intelligent home that embraces a tired human being with right temperature, pleases him with pleasant materials and designer furniture, simply takes care of him in every possible way. Does it seem impossible? Someone once said that everything is possible. Besides, you can see for yourself. Write to us and we will draw you into the wonderful world of natural materials and technologies, tastefully replenishing the coveted place of peace where you decided to live. We will show you how to do it and guide you through the whole process; from your first initial idea up to handing over the keys to your dream, house – OASIS AMID TORRID URBAN DERSERT.

Ateliér Celostního Designu (Holistic Design Studio) is a partner of the project