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Do you opt for a more complex way, that is, however, purely yours? Do you care how the headquarters of your company interact with its surroundings? Do you honor the principles of social responsibility? Do you want to offer potential employees what others can't / work in the embrace of greenery? Or do you just like nature? We have already fulfilled our dream of a green office. We shall help you meet yours – tell us what your dream is.

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New building

We will build a building for offices, R&D centre, but also for a kindergarten or o family house that will respect elements of NATURAL THERMAL STABILIZATION.


We will find out what elements of NATURAL THERMAL STABILIZATION your existing building can use. In a short period of time, you will get an independent building that will not overburden the neighbourhood and will offer an attractive combination of new and old.


Have you got an interesting building and its roof can be used for building an extension? If you wish so, we will create a green oasis amid the torrid city. You will quickly get unique offices or a penthouse where you will feel great. The green facade does not radiate heat and can cool the premises by 5°C.

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Contact us and meet us in a pleasant environment of LIKO-Noe. Your own senses will tell you what a great place your new office can be.


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