How we proceed



We will listen to you to know your needs. What the purpose of the building is, how many employees will be in it, what they needs are. Where the company will be in five years. We will analyze your needs.



We will fully utilize the experience of more than 600 objects that we built. Together with an architect and designer, we will do everything to find an optimal solution of your project. Our buildings are variable in the highest degree and they adhere to the principles of lively building. We handle the project comprehensively, from the interior up to where and which way your warehouseman goes most frequently.



Once the study is completed, we will provide a complete documentation for a building permit and its consideration by the authorities concerned.



We will manage and coordinate the whole construction process. LIKO-NOE was built in record 27 days. We will be fast as time is money. Our technician will be present on the site to make necessary adjustments during construction.



We have a system of intelligent building management and evaluation as well as regulation of the internal environment. In addition to the temperature and air quality we fine tune the acoustics of the space more frequently.



Our work is not over at the moment we hand over the building to you. We are interested in your findings and user experience, how well the building and technologies serve you. We always think what can be adapted or extended to your highest satisfaction.

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Contact us and meet us in a pleasant environment of LIKO-Noe. Your own senses will tell you what a great place your new office can be.


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