No opportunity to develop your business "in width"? Expand upwards. If you have a flat roof, we shall build a new building on it, overflowing with greenery. The construction system we use is the lightest and can thus be used almost anywhere. We offer it especially for the brick buildings, however, after the necessary adjustments, it can be placed on the roof of a prefabricated building. We will design a new building and take care of bearing capacity and other aspects. Speed of construction is a LIKO-NOE concept's huge benefit. We manage to construct a building in a month.

We will use all NATURAL THERMAL STABILIZATION elements to ensure the premises on the roof do not overheat. With double-layer walls and suitably shaded glass surfaces, it will not be necessary to significantly cool a diffusion-open space. If you wish so, we will build a little shallow lake on the roof to be used in the water recycling system. By making an existing roof green, you will get an amazing environment, and the original building will be cooler. A green working corner on the roof in the city centre... Well, tell us who has got it?

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